It’s official!

Our present government is so used to splitting hairs publicly to explain away their idiot views and machinations that they’ve begun to do it in their own heads, as evidenced by the latest absurdity from Sean Spicer. Apparently, there’s tidy mass murder, and untidy mass murder. One is organized and contained in camps, and one is haphazard and random. Therefore one is better than the other, obviously. At least Hitler didn’t stoop so low as to use untidy mass murder; therefore he would be someone you’d want to align yourself with, I suppose, unlike an untidy mass murderer like Assad. I have to ask, though, how low is the thinking of the present administration, and how low will they go to split hairs. I, for one, hope this administration falls before the rest of us have to find out.

The Reign of the Oligarchs

Through a combination of Russian interference: an under-educated segment of our population swayed by catch phrases and slogans; because logic, observation, and study is too boring, or too difficult: and the machinations of a loud mouth, reality TV star, whose sole drive in life is to prove that nothing of his is too small- we now have the reign of the oligarchs in the United States.

Our Executive Branch today is nothing more than a large group of self-serving manipulators and liars bent on dismantling the Federal Government in order to, according to them, get government off the backs of the people, so that the people can be free. In reality, their intent is to remove government oversight, so they can plunder freely, without government interference, and without thought, or care, about the future: a zero sum game in which they win, and the rest of us lose. As Ike Clanton put it in the movie Tombstone, “Law don’t go round here, Law Dog!”

How else can we explain the installation of heads of government such as an E.P.A. director who feels that the job of the E.P.A. is to fight the scientific consensus that human burning is affecting the climate and jeopardizing our great grandchildren’s future? In fact, each appointment of a Department head by Donald Trump, no matter what the department, has had as its intent the dismantling of that department, and the cessation of the work intended for that department. Is it any wonder that people within those departments do all they can to leak the truth to the rest of us?

I applaud the leakers within the Trump government. Oligarchs and Fascists want to bury the truth, or engineer it to suit their ends: the real truth tellers are the ones who won’t let the facts die, even if it exposes them to the retribution of their masters. The people within this government who leak information are the resistance, and we need them more than we need Trump, or his appointments, because the resistance here are public servants who oppose the work of the self-servants.

Even while the rest of us are forced to capitulate to the Oligarchs, the resistance carries on, and we, the people, must support them, however we can, and bide our time until the Oligarchs become vulnerable again in 2018. Even if we can’t remove their figurehead until 2020, we can turn him into a eunuch, and that will be the most fitting reward we can bestow upon him.

What a mess

The investigation of the Trump campaign ties to Russia and their influence on the past election needs an independent investigation. It’s becoming obvious that the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are trying to hush it all up in hopes that it will go away. It’s not going away, clowns, so get over it. We, the American People, are pretty pissed off about this, and we want to know what happened. So cut the closed door crap, where you’ll try to find a convenient rug in the room, and let this play out in front of us. We have a right to know. They stole our election, not yours. This is about our rights: our right to vote, and our right to know. Cut the crap.

My Microwave is watching me.

How did the president know that I talk to myself about him in the kitchen? I knew I was being surveilled when I woke early one morning to find my microwave, refrigerator, and kitchen wall clock discussing the dossier they had built up on my treasonous activity. There was only one thing to do: I put on my aluminum foil helmet and jammies and went back to bed, where deep sleep protects me from Steve Bannon’s penetration of my psyche during my dreams. Now, I can continue my work with the Klingon Empire to overthrow Earth governments in the past (their past, the Klingons, I mean) without interference. Hail the House of Duras!

Seriously folks, is this the state of American government today? These latest allegations from Trump, and the response to criticism of it (especially by Kellyanne Conway), simply indicate to the rest of the world how under-educated the American populace is, when people of this caliber can occupy top level positions within the White House. Do you really want to make America great again? Remove these people from government and never let them hold national political office again.

Same old tax cuts for the rich

Could someone explain to me how the beneficiaries of every damn tax cut for the last twenty years, or more, are suffering so much under a grievous tax burden that they need more tax cuts? The Republican band has one instrument: tax cuts for the wealthiest, masquerading as benefiting everyone. When will the average, under-educated, white American (yes, I hold you accountable for your self-induced stupidity) finally see the con, and give up their support for a party that truly shares no interests with them. I know the Republicans drape themselves in American flags for you, call upon Jesus to help you (because they won’t), claim they’re magically going to restore all the jobs you lost to automation (which they can’t), and restore good old white America of the 1950s (which sucked for everyone but white men), but it’s all a load of bullshit, and a con, nothing more. I’ll say it again, every tax cut they give to the rich does nothing but enrich them more, and that’s exactly what they’re trying to do. Have you seen any of it trickle down? I haven’t, and neither have you, but, unlike you, I don’t buy the flag draped, Jesus begging, America is only for white boys bullshit, and I never did. Wise up.

How many misdirection plays…

… are we as a country going to buy? Answer? None. Investigate President Dimwit’s ties to Russia? He’ll answer with a claim President Obama tapped his phone. The list goes on, but this presidency is too moronic and juvenile to even bother listing them. Stay on focus, no matter what President Twit says, and find a way to end this American political travesty as soon as possible. We need to stop wasting America’s time with this administration and their white supremacist, apocalyptic, I’m the loudmouth in the back of the bar, hate filled Alt-right Christian agenda. And while we’re at it, we need to bitch slap the Republican Party into the stone age (where their ideas come from) for even allowing something this idiotic to happen in the first place.

Why are we fixed on Muslim terrorists?

According to all the statistical analysis of terrorist attacks in the United States since 1970 that I can find, Muslim terrorist attacks account for only seven percent of the attacks. I have to ask why we focus our attention on a group who does very little of the true damage caused by extremism. Extremism, right, or left, is the real problem. Is it because we think they’re easy to identify? Easy for a POTUS to point a finger at and denounce? Or is it because the 93 percent are either home grown, or identify with groups we think are our allies? Perhaps, and I know people will probably take offense to this, it is because they are from a religion we don’t like, and most of the Muslim world sits on a big black pool of our vested self-interest. How long will we use one high profile event to focus people’s attention on the least effective extremists out there, and not devote our resources to combating extremism itself, which is the true enemy of peace, and is generated by our own extremist rhetoric. “We have met the enemy, and they is us.” Sorry, I don’t remember where I stole that one from. My apologies.

Never limit the right to protest

Just read an interesting article about the Republican use of the word freedom, which they drape themselves in, even while introducing legislation around the country designed to make peaceful protest unlawful. This is one distinction I can find between the two major parties; and make no mistake, I’m not a registered Democrat. I have never heard of any Democrat introducing such legislation, so what’s up with Republicans? Have they not read the Constitution of the United States? Or are they so cynical that they know such laws would be struck down by even a conservative Supreme Court (it would have no Constitutional basis to uphold them), but it would take time to reach the Supreme Court, and that would in effect still free speech in the short term, making it appear that they have the approval of the majority, simply because the majority cannot legally voice an opinion. These are the actions of totalitarians. If you don’t like that appellation, Republicans, then stop introducing legislation to limit free speech because bystanders might not like it, or it might interfere with business. Lincoln said “of the people, for the people, and by the people,” not, of the business, by the few, or only by us. I find the behavior of this political party to be more and more un-American, so they really need to stop playing the freedom card, because they don’t know, or care, what freedom really means.