You just need common sense

You don’t need scientists to understand what’s happening. You just need common sense. You just need to see Earth in your mind, before we came, before we lit the first man made fire, in order to understand how we’re doing it, and what we have to change in order to stop doing it. Millions will die if we don’t stop doing it, but you don’t seem to care, so I have some questions.

Are you really so selfish and narcissistic that you don’t care what happens to them?

If you are, please die as quickly as you can, in order to save lives.

Do you really believe that a God will reward you with an eternal heaven for killing them without a qualm?

There is no such God. This is up to us. Do something. Shout. Demand. Vote. Be heard.

You are Satan. You are God. This is up to us. Turn the coin face up and get on with it.

Stop burning shit, so rich men can stay rich. They need to find another job. You need to shout: “You’re fired!”

Stop hiding. Stop trying to dream it away. Stop avoiding the work. Do this now, because it will become…

… too late

… for them.

They are your kids, damn you! Your grand-kids! And you don’t have the balls to fight for them?

We are the “White Feather” generation.

You make me sick.

Author’s note:

My wife informed me after reading this that I had unintentionally used the words White Feather Generation in an outdated use without being aware of the White Feather Foundation formed by Julian Lennon in honor of his father. I truly apologize to Mr. Lennon for my unawareness of his foundation, or its work. We can all be ignorant of things, and I can be as ignorant as anyone else, as anyone who knows me will happily tell you. Having visited his website, I encourage everyone to become involved with his work, in any way they can. If, like me, you are poor, you can use the power of your words to spread awareness of his message, work, and his site, as I am now. You can find his wonderful Foundation here:

Please, follow the link, and in any way you can, support the Foundation’s work.


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