The Real American Swamp

I know that people are tired of what they see as stagnation in the American government; and I understand their calls to “drain the swamp,” but it’s time that they finally understood that they themselves are the swamp. Radicalism is the enemy of democracy and always has been, because radicals are always unwilling to compromise, and compromise is central to the workings of a democratic government. Totalitarians never compromise: to them, compromise is you comply with my dictates; this is why we call them dictators.

For those among us who don’t value democratic process, I have nothing to say, other than that history itself is against you, because, what you don’t realize is that democracy depends upon the rule of law, and under totalitarian government the rule of law changes at a whim, because there is no rule of law, only the will of the leader. One moment you are Hitler’s right hand man; the next moment you are being offered a choice of suicide, or assassination. If this is the kind of America you want to see, then America needs you least of all, and, at the voting booth, America needs to leave you, and your ideals, behind.

Of course, I’m not trying to reach people like that. I’m trying to reach the people who are letting their anger overwhelm their intellect, because they are the people who are the greatest threat to our American democracy. I’m trying to reach you, angry Americans, because you, with a little help from totalitarians overseas, put a man into the White House whose core beliefs are antithetical to democracy itself. You put a man into the most powerful office in the world, believing you wanted government run like a business, when, in fact, if you thought about it at all, that is really the last thing you would want your government to adopt: running solely for the profit of a few.

But, you say, isn’t that what we have now? A government that benefits only the richest few, or the very poor, at the expense of the rest of us?

Yes, you can make the argument that it is, but it’s because of your anger that this fraud has been perpetrated. I know you don’t want to accept responsibility, but it is ours. The American people love to complain, but very few actually vote, so their complaining is valueless, because they aren’t willing to put their complaints into action to make their democracy work.

The disgruntled right also buy into the con game that has been playing in America since before the Civil War: blame those just as poor as yourselves for your plight, when, in actuality, the rich are using them to divert your attention from the real thieves: themselves.

So, what did the disgruntled right do to remedy their situation? They bought the sound bite solutions of a con man and carpetbagger. A man who has refused to divest himself of his financial interests, because he and his carpetbagger family have no other intention than to line their pockets, using their newfound political power to do so.

Drain the swamp America? Drain your heads instead, because that’s where the swamp really is.


Fixing the river in place

There is an old Taoist saying that the human mind seeks always to fix the river in place.  In our personal lives, it means we often try to keep our lives from changing, but, as the Taoist river allusion indicates, that is impossible, because the river of life is constantly moving and changing. We are born, we age, and then we die, this is the natural movement of the river of our lives that none of us can circumvent.

If we try to keep things the same in our lives despite the changes that occur, then we are living out this old Taoist saying, and sooner, or later, we place ourselves so completely out of step with life that we take on the appearance of the fool. You’ve all seen elderly people trying to pretend that they’re not old. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, and despite their attempts to be “hip,” or whatever the word is now, they simply appear the fool to those that they’re trying to impress. It truly is sad.

American politics are caught now in a struggle caused by an attempt to fix the river in place. Due to the manipulations of the Russians, manipulations accepted by the Republican party, because it gave them an unexpected victory, the Republican agenda, an agenda warped by hyper-conservatism, is attempting to keep America from moving forward, with all the dangers, and chaos, created by the attempt. If your personal life cannot be fixed in place, then it follows that public life cannot be fixed in place either, so this Republican agenda is the root cause of the chaos in American politics today, because it is antithetical to the real movement of life, both public, and private.

Not that Democrats don’t share part of the blame, because they often attempt to push the river ahead, through too liberal an approach, which, of course, is as impossible as fixing the river in place. Neither hyper-conservatism, nor hyper-liberalism is the answer to America’s, or the world’s, problems. However, the Democratic view of life as moving forward is a fundamentally correct one, so I give them a bit more credit than I do any conservative, because conservatism is the incarnation of the mind attempting to fix the river in place.

What is the political philosophy that most conforms to the movement of life, if both far right and far left are inadequate?

The only political viewpoint that conforms to life is moderate progressive. Life moves continuously, just as the river does; things change, what once worked no longer works in the face of changing conditions. Moderate progressive follows this ever changing pattern of life by allowing our laws to change with life as required, rather than trying to return us to a past that exists only in the murky pond of our memory, or trying to create a future which is even more of an illusion than our past, because it exists only within the limitations of human imagination.

I know that many liberals will take offense to my attack on human imagination, insisting that it is our imagination that allowed progress in the first place, but imagination is limited by the limitations of the human mind, and that is, indeed, tragically limited. I know we humans don’t like to think so, but, to quote a character created by Clint Eastwood, “a man’s got to know his limitations.” Too long the human race has blundered through life, insisting that everything we do is good, when the evidence is mounting to the contrary.

This brings me to my strongest reason to oppose conservatism. We are on the threshold of making radical changes to this planet’s environmental systems, and if we do, future generations will suffer for it. We cannot afford to go back, cannot afford to return to what we think were our glory days, because to do so condemns our own grandchildren to a life we cannot imagine. We have no right to do that.

Today is the day that moderately progressive people need to take the reigns of government away from those who would either push us firmly into our past, or try to create a future based on humanity’s wildest hopes and dreams. Neither will work, and their bickering back and forth is the essence of stagnation. They cannot help us, nor can they help our grandchildren, so it is up to us. Vote, and when you vote, vote for those who look forward, but critically question whether what we are about to do will bring us good, or misfortune, because these are the people we need holding the reigns of government, and the future of life on Earth. Search for intelligence in your candidates, find it, not twitter storms, and vote for that.



You just need common sense

You don’t need scientists to understand what’s happening. You just need common sense. You just need to see Earth in your mind, before we came, before we lit the first man made fire, in order to understand how we’re doing it, and what we have to change in order to stop doing it. Millions will die if we don’t stop doing it, but you don’t seem to care, so I have some questions.

Are you really so selfish and narcissistic that you don’t care what happens to them?

If you are, please die as quickly as you can, in order to save lives.

Do you really believe that a God will reward you with an eternal heaven for killing them without a qualm?

There is no such God. This is up to us. Do something. Shout. Demand. Vote. Be heard.

You are Satan. You are God. This is up to us. Turn the coin face up and get on with it.

Stop burning shit, so rich men can stay rich. They need to find another job. You need to shout: “You’re fired!”

Stop hiding. Stop trying to dream it away. Stop avoiding the work. Do this now, because it will become…

… too late

… for them.

They are your kids, damn you! Your grand-kids! And you don’t have the balls to fight for them?

We are the “White Feather” generation.

You make me sick.

Author’s note:

My wife informed me after reading this that I had unintentionally used the words White Feather Generation in an outdated use without being aware of the White Feather Foundation formed by Julian Lennon in honor of his father. I truly apologize to Mr. Lennon for my unawareness of his foundation, or its work. We can all be ignorant of things, and I can be as ignorant as anyone else, as anyone who knows me will happily tell you. Having visited his website, I encourage everyone to become involved with his work, in any way they can. If, like me, you are poor, you can use the power of your words to spread awareness of his message, work, and his site, as I am now. You can find his wonderful Foundation here:

Please, follow the link, and in any way you can, support the Foundation’s work.