The only death I want to see in America

The only death I want to see in America is the death of radicalism. Extremism is born of stupidity, a narrow minded inability to see anyone’s point of view but my own, and the argument between the two extremes is giving the Russian government exactly what it wants, and was trying to achieve in its meddling in the last election: the death of democratic discourse in the United States. Extremism plays into the hands of Vladimir Putin, his band of murderous thugs, and the allies they have placed in the highest offices of government in the United States. His plan to destroy democracy in the United States is working, because we are turning away from the fundamental thing that makes democracies work: intelligent discourse. The less we are willing to talk to each other, and compromise, because compromise is the essence of true democracy, the easier we become to manipulate, and that is what Vladimir Putin, a sociopath on the world stage, wants.

It is up to us, the moderate, reasoning people of the United States, the people who place education and intelligence above radicalized belief, to turn the American conversation away from the mindless name calling and hatred that characterizes American speech today.

We, as a nation, have to stop accepting and excusing violence in any form, physical, or verbal.  Whether it’s electing a Congressman after he assaults a reporter, because people understood his anger, or attacks on members of Congress, because they represent things that we hate, or feel will harm us, we, the people, must no longer condone, or even try to understand these actions. Our condemnation must be swift, and unified, because if we don’t we are sliding down the slippery slope toward fascism that Vlad the Manipulator has placed before us, and is happy to grease through his allies every day.

We need to stop this slide toward fascism that hard rhetoric and violent actions brings. Democracy, no matter what its limitations, or flaws, is the best form of government for the people. Fascism only works if you happen to be on the government’s good side, and the government’s good side changes on the whim of one, or the few, depending upon what blend of Fascism you happen to have operating in your country. Fascism can be appealing, because it’s the easiest form of government: you don’t need to think about anything, just follow: but if you think that’s appealing, I invite you to read my piece on Ernst Rohm, which you’ll find as an earlier post in this blog.

My father’s generation fought against tyranny and fascism. They sacrificed and shed blood to end its rule over the world stage. I find it appalling that we, as a nation, now seem to have forgotten that sacrifice, and that heritage. If you truly want to make America great again, you don’t do it through twitter, demagoguery, or admiring fascist killers and strong men, you do it through reinforcing the only bastions that defend democracy: intelligent discourse, transparency, and the rule of democratic law, none of which admits of hatred, bias, or an us, or them, mentality.


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