Congress! An Independent Counsel Now!

The last time in American history that a sitting president fired the man in charge of an investigation into the president’s dealings, the president resigned before he was impeached, because the stupid bastard was guilty, and wouldn’t face the music. You, as OUR representatives, need to demand an independent investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia, and remove him from office if the facts (not alternative facts, or whatever Fox News believes) demand it. Act now, because the American people are tired of feeling like we have a bad Hitler impersonator occupying the White House. We had little faith in your representation before, earn it back.

Republicans! This is your shit house mess! Fix it! Or you will feel the wrath of the voters. You did this Grand Old Party, it’s time to justify that name, if you have the political testicles, which I doubt. Fix this! Now!

What a backward country

Far from being the greatest country in the world, the United States of America, my home, is one of the most parochial. The great wealth America produces is not shared amongst its citizens, as its richest two percent plunder the rest in the name of “unfettered capitalism,” which is the new religion of the United States, masked, as it is, by the new Christian gospel of prosperity, something I’m certain never entered Christ’s mind, as evidenced by his own words.

The only evidence I need of my country’s ¬†insular attitude is the fight over the repeal of Obamacare. No matter how many times you tell people from Red states that the United States is the only western democracy without nationalized health care for its citizens, they don’t seem to care, calling any attempt to provide healthcare for all Americans socialism, which is apparently a worse sin to them than leaving people to suffer and die, again, something I think Christ would take exception to, from the evidence of his words.

And yet, you cannot dissuade people in the Red states from their misconception that democracy collapses if capitalism is restrained, or directed in some areas, as it was when I was growing up. Does anyone in the United States, especially the Red states, remember the term “regulated monopoly?” I think not, but the country didn’t seem to be falling into communism when we used that term, and I see no evidence of a widespread fall of Europe into socialism, or communism, because they have nationalized healthcare for their citizens.

Once again, the Republican party has managed to dupe a large proportion of the under-educated American populace into believing that by draping themselves in a caricature of American history, waving a bible in one hand, and the doctrine of unfettered capitalism in the other, that they are somehow not the Carpetbaggers that they truly are, plundering the poor in the name of the rich. And we had a term for that in America when I was growing up.

“Hey, Rube!”

But contrary to the belief in the Red states today, that was not a badge to be proud of, it was a term intended to mock those to whom education, and informed decision making, was unimportant.