Republicans; for us, or against us?

We, the people, really need to know, Republicans, is our democracy important to you, or just winning? Does the Republican Party really hold that it’s okay for foreign dictators to manipulate a presidential election, simply because you won? Does anyone in your party have any integrity, any moral scruples, or is it just about wielding power to you, and pushing the agenda of your rich donors?

We the people of the United States really need answers to these questions, especially given the present dis-information campaign you are running, where leaking information is somehow more important to you than an election engineered by a foreign dictator who has committed acts of murder in order to consolidate his power.

You talk about freedom all the time, Republicans. Do this include the freedom to dismantle our democracy if it allows you to further your agenda? Does it include making the truth disappear under a cloud of misdirection plays and smoke screens, because you allowed yourselves to be manipulated and railroaded by a TV reality star and his alt-right cronies, and somehow, that embarrassment is more important to you than democratic traditions that have endured more than two hundred years?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Republicans, then you cannot represent me, or the values that I hold dear, and I am certain that there are many more Americans just like me. And don’t tell yourselves that I am a Democrat, because I’m not. I’m a registered Independent, and always will be. But, your attempts to push away the investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia, and his abortion of a presidential election is making me angrier every day, and I am certain there are millions like me. We will hold you accountable; your personal integrity is what’s at stake in this mess. Stop the attempts at damage control and own it: own it, that’s always your advice to us: it’s yours to own, not ours. Let the truth come out. Prove to me that the Republican Party upholds our democracy and not just their party agenda.



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