Our Intelligence Apparatus

The only reason Donald Trump wants more control over OUR intelligence services is so that he can engineer the information that we hear, just like every fascist regime you’ve read about from history. They (Bannon/Trump, Trump/Bannon, your choice) want to control the information for two reasons: first, that way they can control (so they think) what you think; and second, because they’re running scared that you will find out the truth about how tied to the manipulations of Putin’s totalitarian regime this administration is, which would lead us to question the legitimacy of our present president. Write to your Senator today (the House is uselessly partisan) and demand all attempts by this president to control our intelligence services end. If you don’t, you will end up living in an America built on alternate facts (you know, bullshit) and your lives will suffer for it. Our intelligence services need to be autonomous, and shouldn’t be controlled by any small group of individuals, especially those whose intelligence we have to question every day.


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