Mr. Assange

The more you attack the United States intelligence community, the more you convince me that you are nothing more than a paid Russian operative. You have no more honor than those you claim to out. You are a suspected rapist, a charge you ran like a coward from, and somehow, you claim to have reinvented yourself as a noble man uncovering the hidden truths. Instead, you select the truths you present to suit your own needs, or ambitions, or, in fact, to hide the truth about yourself and who finances you. You no longer have any credibility, or use to humanity, so I encourage the Ecuadorian government to expel you, so we can at least have the fun of watching the wolves chase you.


It makes me so sad…

…when I think of all the poor billionaires wandering the streets in their Lexus, or Benz, yearning to create jobs for all the smelly groundlings, like me, but unable to do it, because they don’t have enough in tax cuts yet to do their divine work of proving that the gospel of prosperity is real. How will they fulfill their holy promise to God of teaching that the Holy Father rewards those who believe with the riches of the earth? How will they finally prove that Jesus was a Capitalist despite the fake news gospels, when all we do, the poor that is, is whine and cry about unrestrained Capitalism being unfair. Help them, Oh Lord! Help them Republicans! You are the true believers! You are the keepers of the Holy Faith!

Remote control saber rattling

If so many people’s lives weren’t at stake, the recent standoff between “Fatboy Korea,” whatever his name is, and “Golf and Cake” POTUS, would be pretty funny.

First, we had Jong-un’s failure to launch, an issue I’m pretty sure crops up often in his life. I felt his pain. You’re almost there, about to prove to everyone how big and bad you are, and then…

… that embarrassing moment when things just don’t work, and everyone nervously giggles and assures you that it’s okay, you’ll do it right next time.

Second, we had the Donald and his big Armada. What is it with size and this guy? I have to admit that a carrier air group packs a lot of firepower, and our naval personnel are top notch at what they do, but Armada? We haven’t used that word since we studied the Spanish Armada in Junior High School. And what “Big Boy” failed to mention was that the Carl Vinson and its escorts are 3000 nautical miles from Korea on a war games in conjunction with the Australian Navy, another first rate naval presence in the Pacific.

What was the intent here? To be able to jump up in the oval office and yell “Psyche!” And what about “Chub Boy Slim,” what does he really intend to do with a Nuke? Fondle it? If he ever used it (and from the missile tests, I’d hate to be the scientists trying to build him one: incineration anyone?) all the nuclear nations of the world would line up to nuke his ass, like the famous scene from the movie Airplane, when the nun goes crazy.

So what we have here is two basically impotent nerds threatening each other and using us as pawns in the confrontation.


Losing my religion

Every day, as I read more reports of the divisive and violent nature of religious belief, I am drawn more and more to the conclusion that somehow mankind must rid itself of all religious belief, and return to a simpler, more natural, spirituality. I don’t care what the religion is: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, name one, the more devout religious people claim to be, the more discordant they become, as each group tries to prove that they are the only path to understanding your place in the universe, assuring you, in fact, that if you don’t follow their path, then you are on your way to eternal suffering as a result.


You don’t need any long treatise; Bible, Koran, whatever religious tract you can find amongst moldering books on a shelf, to explain your relationship to the universe from which you sprang, and these books tend to be more outdated political, legal, and moral sermons than anything else, often contradicting themselves to the point that you can make the argument that the truest believers are, in fact, the most confused, often confused to the point that Christians will convince themselves that the “Prince of Peace” would somehow want them to kill in his name. “Onward Christian Soldiers” is probably the most idiotic hymn I have ever heard, because it places the image in my mind of a man who refused to oppose the people trying to kill him, who went placidly to his own death, as exhorting others to kill with his blessing.

Again, nonsense. And I think if I could meet him today, Jesus would agree.

All philosophy, and its strange, muttering cousin, religion, is an attempt to explain our place in the universe, nothing more. Some of the other philosophies I have encountered make the statement that if you try to make a religion of them, they will elude you. They make this statement for a purpose. Religion, at its best, is a veil across your mind’s eye, preventing you from seeing the truth clearly, while, at its worst, it is, and always will be, criminal psychosis, where God is your excuse for killing, as with Osama Bin Laden, or Dylan Roof.

The most insidious effect of religion in our lives is hidden however. Religion is our escape from ultimate responsibility, our excuse to do whatever we want in the world, without regard to consequence, because we can always appeal to a higher authority, one which can never be proved, or denied, and this is why our religious belief today is such a danger to future generations. There is no mythical God who will bail them out someday, when our refusal to accept that our actions in life affect them, and create a world filled with disaster for them, believing all the while that that same mythical God will tell us that it’s okay, when we get to heaven, because he was in charge of everything.

My appeal here is that we, as a species, finally turn away from the gods that we have created in our minds, and turn to a more fundamental view of what the universe is, and who we are within it. We must turn our eyes from the heavens, and toward the earth, before it’s too late for those who come after us. We must turn our eyes from the west, and toward the east, away from trying to prove mythical realms where our gods can exist, and toward the realization that all we see, and all of us, are God, if you choose to call it that. Being God is an awesome responsibility, and we really have to take it more seriously than we do today.



It’s official!

Our present government is so used to splitting hairs publicly to explain away their idiot views and machinations that they’ve begun to do it in their own heads, as evidenced by the latest absurdity from Sean Spicer. Apparently, there’s tidy mass murder, and untidy mass murder. One is organized and contained in camps, and one is haphazard and random. Therefore one is better than the other, obviously. At least Hitler didn’t stoop so low as to use untidy mass murder; therefore he would be someone you’d want to align yourself with, I suppose, unlike an untidy mass murderer like Assad. I have to ask, though, how low is the thinking of the present administration, and how low will they go to split hairs. I, for one, hope this administration falls before the rest of us have to find out.

Republicans; for us, or against us?

We, the people, really need to know, Republicans, is our democracy important to you, or just winning? Does the Republican Party really hold that it’s okay for foreign dictators to manipulate a presidential election, simply because you won? Does anyone in your party have any integrity, any moral scruples, or is it just about wielding power to you, and pushing the agenda of your rich donors?

We the people of the United States really need answers to these questions, especially given the present dis-information campaign you are running, where leaking information is somehow more important to you than an election engineered by a foreign dictator who has committed acts of murder in order to consolidate his power.

You talk about freedom all the time, Republicans. Do this include the freedom to dismantle our democracy if it allows you to further your agenda? Does it include making the truth disappear under a cloud of misdirection plays and smoke screens, because you allowed yourselves to be manipulated and railroaded by a TV reality star and his alt-right cronies, and somehow, that embarrassment is more important to you than democratic traditions that have endured more than two hundred years?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Republicans, then you cannot represent me, or the values that I hold dear, and I am certain that there are many more Americans just like me. And don’t tell yourselves that I am a Democrat, because I’m not. I’m a registered Independent, and always will be. But, your attempts to push away the investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia, and his abortion of a presidential election is making me angrier every day, and I am certain there are millions like me. We will hold you accountable; your personal integrity is what’s at stake in this mess. Stop the attempts at damage control and own it: own it, that’s always your advice to us: it’s yours to own, not ours. Let the truth come out. Prove to me that the Republican Party upholds our democracy and not just their party agenda.


Our Intelligence Apparatus

The only reason Donald Trump wants more control over OUR intelligence services is so that he can engineer the information that we hear, just like every fascist regime you’ve┬áread about from history. They (Bannon/Trump, Trump/Bannon, your choice) want to control the information for two reasons: first, that way they can control (so they think) what you think; and second, because they’re running scared that you will find out the truth about how tied to the manipulations of Putin’s totalitarian regime this administration is, which would lead us to question the legitimacy of our present president. Write to your Senator today (the House is uselessly partisan) and demand all attempts by this president to control our intelligence services end. If you don’t, you will end up living in an America built on alternate facts (you know, bullshit) and your lives will suffer for it. Our intelligence services need to be autonomous, and shouldn’t be controlled by any small group of individuals, especially those whose intelligence we have to question every day.