You wanted it run like a business…

And under the Trump administration, that’s how it’s going to be. There’s no profit in feeding the elderly, or disadvantaged school children, and stupid, white, working Americans want to see some profit from this stuff, or don’t do it. Oh, wait, I’m a stupid, white, working American, and I don’t expect to see a profit from helping those who can’t help themselves, especially in a budget that, once again, represents a windfall for the wealthy and defense contractors. So please stop referring to poor working Americans (like me) when you’re selling this bullshit, Mr. Mulvaney, because we’re not as stupid as you think we are. Nice try at misdirection, but we know that the most generous people in America are those closet to poverty, while the least generous are those with the most money, as well as those who label themselves as conservatives.

Working Americans, please stop demanding that the government be run like a business. Here’s why: you are essentially saying you want them to hold down your wages, gut your benefits while making you pay for them, and then fire you before you can retire, because that has been the pattern of American businesses for the past thirty years. Republicans don’t really care about working people like you and me; they just play that on TV. Please figure that out, because the rest of us wind up being collateral damage, because of your brain farts.


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