When I first heard of Julian Assange and Wikileaks many years ago, I have to admit I was naive enough to believe in Assange and what he said his group was trying to do. I also admit to the mistake in critical thinking of taking him at his word, without investigating who the man was behind that word. I wish that I had, because it’s obvious to me now that this man and his organization aren’t truth seekers at all, but manipulators, and possibly paid foreign actors. In any case, they’ve completely lost their credibility to me, because they are either the most incompetent hackers on the planet, or they’re tailoring their hacks to suit their political views. In an election where they acted to manipulate the results, Assange and crew claimed that they could not find anything on the Trump campaign, while they found lots to report about the Clinton email scandal, which, of course, was a tempest in a teapot. Now that Trump campaign contacts with the Russians have emerged, suddenly Assange claims to have found evidence it was the C.I.A. who planted these contacts, making it look like the correspondence came from the Russians.

Just after Trump’s victory, Julian said he didn’t get any information from the Russians, that his revelations were completely his own. Now, it wasn’t the Russians at all, says Julian, it was those sneaky Democrats using the C.I.A. Either Assange and his group are completely incompetent, because they didn’t see anything about the Russian contacts before the tainted election, or they’re simply Alt-right manipulators, who tailor their leaks to hide their involvement in an organized plot to overturn an American election and place their man in the White House. Either way, I know longer believe anything they tell me, because we have a word in America for what Wikileaks does:



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