You don’t need scientists

You don’t need scientists to tell you that humans are affecting the Earth’s climate through burning fossil fuels. You just need common sense, and the ability to understand what the Earth’s relationship was to fire before man created fire for the first time. This didn’t start in the 1840s, it started 10,000 years ago, or more, when man found the stone age Zippo, flint and iron pyrite. Your atmosphere isn’t as big as you think it is, either. Jets fly about 7 miles high, but the breathable atmosphere is less than half that. It’s not that thick when you think about it. If you could lay it on its side, you could walk to where jets fly in about two hours at an easy pace. From your house to the convenient store.

The people who doubt the science are liars, and you don’t need scientists to figure that out. Just use your common sense, and stop telling yourself the fairy tale that Earth was put here for humans to use. It really does matter what kind of world you leave for your children and grandchildren. A lot of my father’s friends never made it back from the Second World War. It was the great test of his generation, and they had the guts to face it, and sacrifice. This is the great test of our generation. The question is: do we have the same level of courage that my father’s generation had? From what I see occupying the White House, I’m beginning to doubt it. Prove me wrong, America. Stand up for your kids and your grand-kids.


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