Same old tax cuts for the rich

Could someone explain to me how the beneficiaries of every damn tax cut for the last twenty years, or more, are suffering so much under a grievous tax burden that they need more tax cuts? The Republican band has one instrument: tax cuts for the wealthiest, masquerading as benefiting everyone. When will the average, under-educated, white American (yes, I hold you accountable for your self-induced stupidity) finally see the con, and give up their support for a party that truly shares no interests with them. I know the Republicans drape themselves in American flags for you, call upon Jesus to help you (because they won’t), claim they’re magically going to restore all the jobs you lost to automation (which they can’t), and restore good old white America of the 1950s (which sucked for everyone but white men), but it’s all a load of bullshit, and a con, nothing more. I’ll say it again, every tax cut they give to the rich does nothing but enrich them more, and that’s exactly what they’re trying to do. Have you seen any of it trickle down? I haven’t, and neither have you, but, unlike you, I don’t buy the flag draped, Jesus begging, America is only for white boys bullshit, and I never did. Wise up.


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