Trump read it on Breitbart

According to our completely phony president (I will no longer capitalize this, as long as Donald the Dimwit is in office), Breitbart News, the home of fake news, the kingdom of Steve Bannon, self-proclaimed bringer of the white boy apocalypse, has published information that President Obama wiretapped his phone during the election campaign. Evidence, you say? They have none. He wants an investigation based on hearsay, you say? Of course he does.

Why would this come out now, you ask? To deflect attention again from the behavior of his campaign staff, and their contacts with Russian officials during a tainted election. Sweep it all under the rug so that nothing further comes out, and the American people will never have to hear the truth about the greasy, shameless characters they have to tolerate occupying the White House.

America, you need to raise your voices now, and demand, yes demand, the removal of this vile, pig of a man from the White House. Every day that he opens his mouth he brings shame upon this country, and reveals to the rest of the world how low this under-educated people have fallen. If America is no longer great, it is because we are now ruled by these fools. Do something America. Speak up.



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