The Reign of the Oligarchs

Through a combination of Russian interference: an under-educated segment of our population swayed by catch phrases and slogans; because logic, observation, and study is too boring, or too difficult: and the machinations of a loud mouth, reality TV star, whose sole drive in life is to prove that nothing of his is too small- we now have the reign of the oligarchs in the United States.

Our Executive Branch today is nothing more than a large group of self-serving manipulators and liars bent on dismantling the Federal Government in order to, according to them, get government off the backs of the people, so that the people can be free. In reality, their intent is to remove government oversight, so they can plunder freely, without government interference, and without thought, or care, about the future: a zero sum game in which they win, and the rest of us lose. As Ike Clanton put it in the movie Tombstone, “Law don’t go round here, Law Dog!”

How else can we explain the installation of heads of government such as an E.P.A. director who feels that the job of the E.P.A. is to fight the scientific consensus that human burning is affecting the climate and jeopardizing our great grandchildren’s future? In fact, each appointment of a Department head by Donald Trump, no matter what the department, has had as its intent the dismantling of that department, and the cessation of the work intended for that department. Is it any wonder that people within those departments do all they can to leak the truth to the rest of us?

I applaud the leakers within the Trump government. Oligarchs and Fascists want to bury the truth, or engineer it to suit their ends: the real truth tellers are the ones who won’t let the facts die, even if it exposes them to the retribution of their masters. The people within this government who leak information are the resistance, and we need them more than we need Trump, or his appointments, because the resistance here are public servants who oppose the work of the self-servants.

Even while the rest of us are forced to capitulate to the Oligarchs, the resistance carries on, and we, the people, must support them, however we can, and bide our time until the Oligarchs become vulnerable again in 2018. Even if we can’t remove their figurehead until 2020, we can turn him into a eunuch, and that will be the most fitting reward we can bestow upon him.


An Apology to Future Children

I’m sorry, kids, that you have to suffer from the delusions and dreams that we had. I’m sorry that you’re suffering the effects of our “enlightened selfishness myth,” God myths, and Superman myths, which prevented us from seeing that what we did here and now was important to your future. I’m sorry our mythical God is not there to fix things for you, because his existence was only in our heads, and he cannot intervene on your behalf now. I apologize that we did not have the strength of my father’s generation, who sacrificed lives to make their children’s lives a better place. We lacked the moral character for that. In fact, we would not sacrifice our ease and comfort for you, because, far from being the “greatest generation,” we were the “entitled generation.”

If you’re reading this, and I cannot assure myself that you will be, then at least know that some of us did care, did try to spread the word, and did try to make the changes necessary to assure your future, but we failed, because most would not listen, and created new myths to assure themselves that they were doing nothing wrong. I wish we had been better at reasoning, because the truth was easy to see, if you just saw Earth in the proper way, but we were not well educated, and reason was not our strong suit, myth was.

What a mess

The investigation of the Trump campaign ties to Russia and their influence on the past election needs an independent investigation. It’s becoming obvious that the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are trying to hush it all up in hopes that it will go away. It’s not going away, clowns, so get over it. We, the American People, are pretty pissed off about this, and we want to know what happened. So cut the closed door crap, where you’ll try to find a convenient rug in the room, and let this play out in front of us. We have a right to know. They stole our election, not yours. This is about our rights: our right to vote, and our right to know. Cut the crap.

You wanted it run like a business…

And under the Trump administration, that’s how it’s going to be. There’s no profit in feeding the elderly, or disadvantaged school children, and stupid, white, working Americans want to see some profit from this stuff, or don’t do it. Oh, wait, I’m a stupid, white, working American, and I don’t expect to see a profit from helping those who can’t help themselves, especially in a budget that, once again, represents a windfall for the wealthy and defense contractors. So please stop referring to poor working Americans (like me) when you’re selling this bullshit, Mr. Mulvaney, because we’re not as stupid as you think we are. Nice try at misdirection, but we know that the most generous people in America are those closet to poverty, while the least generous are those with the most money, as well as those who label themselves as conservatives.

Working Americans, please stop demanding that the government be run like a business. Here’s why: you are essentially saying you want them to hold down your wages, gut your benefits while making you pay for them, and then fire you before you can retire, because that has been the pattern of American businesses for the past thirty years. Republicans don’t really care about working people like you and me; they just play that on TV. Please figure that out, because the rest of us wind up being collateral damage, because of your brain farts.

My Microwave is watching me.

How did the president know that I talk to myself about him in the kitchen? I knew I was being surveilled when I woke early one morning to find my microwave, refrigerator, and kitchen wall clock discussing the dossier they had built up on my treasonous activity. There was only one thing to do: I put on my aluminum foil helmet and jammies and went back to bed, where deep sleep protects me from Steve Bannon’s penetration of my psyche during my dreams. Now, I can continue my work with the Klingon Empire to overthrow Earth governments in the past (their past, the Klingons, I mean) without interference. Hail the House of Duras!

Seriously folks, is this the state of American government today? These latest allegations from Trump, and the response to criticism of it (especially by Kellyanne Conway), simply indicate to the rest of the world how under-educated the American populace is, when people of this caliber can occupy top level positions within the White House. Do you really want to make America great again? Remove these people from government and never let them hold national political office again.


When I first heard of Julian Assange and Wikileaks many years ago, I have to admit I was naive enough to believe in Assange and what he said his group was trying to do. I also admit to the mistake in critical thinking of taking him at his word, without investigating who the man was behind that word. I wish that I had, because it’s obvious to me now that this man and his organization aren’t truth seekers at all, but manipulators, and possibly paid foreign actors. In any case, they’ve completely lost their credibility to me, because they are either the most incompetent hackers on the planet, or they’re tailoring their hacks to suit their political views. In an election where they acted to manipulate the results, Assange and crew claimed that they could not find anything on the Trump campaign, while they found lots to report about the Clinton email scandal, which, of course, was a tempest in a teapot. Now that Trump campaign contacts with the Russians have emerged, suddenly Assange claims to haveĀ found evidence it was the C.I.A. who planted these contacts, making it look like the correspondence came from the Russians.

Just after Trump’s victory, Julian said he didn’t get any information from the Russians, that his revelations were completely his own. Now, it wasn’t the Russians at all, says Julian, it was those sneaky Democrats using the C.I.A. Either Assange and his group are completely incompetent, because they didn’t see anything about the Russian contacts before the tainted election, or they’re simply Alt-right manipulators, who tailor their leaks to hide their involvement in an organized plot to overturn an American election and place their man in the White House. Either way, I know longer believe anything they tell me, because we have a word in America for what Wikileaks does:


You don’t need scientists

You don’t need scientists to tell you that humans are affecting the Earth’s climate through burning fossil fuels. You just need common sense, and the ability to understand what the Earth’s relationship was to fire before manĀ created fire for the first time. This didn’t start in the 1840s, it started 10,000 years ago, or more, when man found the stone age Zippo, flint and iron pyrite. Your atmosphere isn’t as big as you think it is, either. Jets fly about 7 miles high, but the breathable atmosphere is less than half that. It’s not that thick when you think about it. If you could lay it on its side, you could walk to where jets fly in about two hours at an easy pace. From your house to the convenient store.

The people who doubt the science are liars, and you don’t need scientists to figure that out. Just use your common sense, and stop telling yourself the fairy tale that Earth was put here for humans to use. It really does matter what kind of world you leave for your children and grandchildren. A lot of my father’s friends never made it back from the Second World War. It was the great test of his generation, and they had the guts to face it, and sacrifice. This is the great test of our generation. The question is: do we have the same level of courage that my father’s generation had? From what I see occupying the White House, I’m beginning to doubt it. Prove me wrong, America. Stand up for your kids and your grand-kids.