Why are we fixed on Muslim terrorists?

According to all the statistical analysis of terrorist attacks in the United States since 1970 that I can find, Muslim terrorist attacks account for only seven percent of the attacks. I have to ask why we focus our attention on a group who does very little of the true damage caused by extremism. Extremism, right, or left, is the real problem. Is it because we think they’re easy to identify? Easy for a POTUS to point a finger at and denounce? Or is it because the 93 percent are either home grown, or identify with groups we think are our allies? Perhaps, and I know people will probably take offense to this, it is because they are from a religion we don’t like, and most of the Muslim world sits on a big black pool of our vested self-interest. How long will we use one high profile event to focus people’s attention on the least effective extremists out there, and not devote our resources to combating extremism itself, which is the true enemy of peace, and is generated by our own extremist rhetoric. “We have met the enemy, and they is us.” Sorry, I don’t remember where I stole that one from. My apologies.


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