Like These Blossoms 2

What then, is death, I asked myself. If all life was already dying when conceived, it’s obvious that death is not an ending, because all new life is born of dying things, so it is more of a return to where everything already was, as opposed to an end of something. This realization should make the relationship between life and death abundantly clear, but we refuse to see it. Life and death are just descriptive terms we give to a process we don’t fully understand, so, like the human race always does, we describe it in terms that make it understandable to us, given the limitations of our human senses.

This, however, is a great mistake, because the eternal intercourse of life and death are so much greater than the limits of our own lives. This dance, if you will, has been going on since the beginning of the universe, and our feeble senses, even enhanced as they are by our tremendous technology, cannot really see what that beginning was, what the end will be, or if there will even be an end. Science, on the cosmic scale, is, at best, just a wild guess. A wild guess based on our interpretations of what we take in through our five technology enhanced senses.

We can perceive things through means other than the empirical however, and this can save us from our cosmic conundrum, and relieve us of our fears, it just requires our capability to abstract. It is immediately apparent what our life is; the birth, growth, and end of our consciousness as we know it, once we accept its pattern from our realization that death was present at its beginning and is there at its end. This pattern is, of course, a wave. My life, your life, all lives, are waves, similar to the waves that appear in any body of water.

Death, present before the beginning of any life, present after the end of any life, is more akin to an ocean, upon the surface of which waves of life appear, than it is to an antithesis of life. Life and death are not two things: they are one, because neither could exist without the other. Without life, you cannot know what death is, and without death, you could not know life, since we know things in this manifested universe only by knowing their opposite. Before you can completely accept death as an ocean however, you must let go of two misconceptions born of your body: 1) that life is tied to matter, and 2) matter is reality.

And that will be the stuff of Like These Blossoms 3…


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