Never limit the right to protest

Just read an interesting article about the Republican use of the word freedom, which they drape themselves in, even while introducing legislation around the country designed to make peaceful protest unlawful. This is one distinction I can find between the two major parties; and make no mistake, I’m not a registered Democrat. I have never heard of any Democrat introducing such legislation, so what’s up with Republicans? Have they not read the Constitution of the United States? Or are they so cynical that they know such laws would be struck down by even a conservative Supreme Court (it would have no Constitutional basis to uphold them), but it would take time to reach the Supreme Court, and that would in effect still free speech in the short term, making it appear that they have the approval of the majority, simply because the majority cannot legally voice an opinion. These are the actions of totalitarians. If you don’t like that appellation, Republicans, then stop introducing legislation to limit free speech because bystanders might not like it, or it might interfere with business. Lincoln said “of the people, for the people, and by the people,” not, of the business, by the few, or only by us. I find the behavior of this political party to be more and more un-American, so they really need to stop playing the freedom card, because they don’t know, or care, what freedom really means.


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