Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump.

A little advice, perhaps. I can’t help but feel that you would be doing better as POTUS if you would engage the American public on something other than twitter. Trying to govern a diverse (ew, I said a dirty word to Republicans) population like ours with two sentences a day might not be the best way to go. Constantly referring to all those who oppose your ideas as “the enemy,” or paid political activists isn’t getting you anywhere either. You claim you want to unite us, but your idea of unity is that we should conform to what you think, and believe anything you tell us. That’s not going to gain traction either, except with your loyal fan base. Unity requires compromise, Mr. Trump. Unity requires acceptance of others. For you, that means we must give you a chance. That’s not going to happen until you admit that lots more of us voted against you than voted for you. Acknowledging that you have a problem is the first step toward recovery, they say. Accepting that a majority of us voted against you is your first step in this process. Simply calling everyone who says that a liar is the root of your problem with governing us. Let it go, and you might get somewhere. Hold on to it, and prepare for the consequences in 2018.


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