It is sad…

… that Trump’s core supporters seem to have so few moral scruples. I can’t understand how Americans can learn of Russian, or any foreign power’s attempt, successful or not, to interfere in an American election, and have no problem with that. Yes, move on, they say, probably because they know the truth will remove their boy from the White House. It’s typical of their win or burn it down mentality. It’s funny how in America, the most unpatriotic people claim to be the greatest patriots. “America, love it, or leave it,” is the most unpatriotic statement in American history, because the people who utter it know nothing, less than nothing, about what makes our American Institutions truly great. I, for one, cannot wait for their idiot President’s own actions to bring him down, just as Nixon’s brought him down, all those years ago. Like was said in the movie, All the President’s Men, “follow the money.” I thank God we have a free “fourth estate” in this country and applaud their efforts rather than deride them. Freedom of speech is freedom, there is no freedom without it. We the people have a right, and should question, stupidity, or treason, whatever this turns out to be.


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