Comey, take a hint from Flynn

Resign now. Most of us don’t believe that you had nothing on the Trump campaign’s cozy relationship with Russia, but you had enough to release your infamous Clinton email letter, just before the election, which you later admitted amounted to nothing. At this point I, and many others, don’t believe you have the credibility to remain the Director of the F.B.I., or hold any government office at this point. Do you really have so much contempt for the American People and the free press that you thought this wouldn’t come out? I suppose it’s possible, as I’m sure you’ll claim, that there just wasn’t enough information on the Trump/Russia connection, but you had no problems with releasing innuendo about the Clinton email situation, so I have to question what stopped you in the case of the Trump campaign. What was your motivation for releasing your Clinton email letter, but nothing on Trump, when the F.B.I. was in possession of the information during last summer? Too many questions, Mr. Comey. Too many questions.


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