Is our Capital Washington, or Moscow?

How long can we tolerate this, America? A presidential election tampered with by the Russian government. A government here that thinks this is okay. Russian financial ties to the President of the United States. Ties with every level of the White House and Russia? Russian diplomats whining that we need to treat them better, and get over their tampering with our elections?

Trump supporters, his loyal base, do you still think this guy and his puppet masters, Bannon and Putin, are okay? If you do, then I question your patriotism, and your commitment to this country and our institutions, which have brought us freedom for over two hundred years. I don’t think you care about freedom, because your definition of freedom is freedom for you, no one else. I don’t think you care about America, only yourselves, and your own selfish issues. Stop draping yourselves in American flags and start speaking out, if you truly are patriots. Then again, I know I won’t here from any of you, because moral courage is not your strong suit.



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