Your travel ban, Mr. Trump

The reason most of us don’t believe how righteous you are in trying to protect us from terrorist attacks is that you failed to ban travel from the country that provided 15 out of 19 attackers who carried out the 9/11 attacks, Saudi Arabia. The reason this country was left off the list? Donald Trump’s business interests of course, and the fact that Saudi Arabia is still considered our ally, even though Osama Bin Laden, the man who ordered those attacks, was a Saudi. Yes, the Saudi’s banished him, and that kept Saudi Arabia as our ally, but Saudi Arabia is still, like all countries where radical Islam exists, a birthplace of terrorists. So perhaps, you need to ban travel from all countries where Islam exists, but that would be an unconstitutional religious ban, wouldn’t it?

Then again, the United States is the birthplace of terrorists, these terrorists just wear a different cloak of religious righteousness. They murder innocent people in the name of misguided religious belief, but we don’t want to single out Christians, because in this war between right wing radical Christianity and right wing radical Islam, Christians are supposed to be the good guys: you know, followers of the Prince of Peace and all that wimpy, turn the other cheek nonsense.

Your travel ban won’t protect us at all, given the fact that if radical Islam wanted to place terrorists in this country, they’re already here, and have been for many years. And since you refuse to “clamp down” on radical Christians, and their hate filled rhetoric, we, the rest of America are just as vulnerable to right wing religious nuts as we ever were. Thank you for doing nothing.


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