Dear Mr. President

There is a reason that the operative part of the word Twitter is Twit. Every time you tweet, you are reinforcing this fact, in fact, bringing a whole new meaning to the word twit. Please, look it up, embrace it’s meaning, and close your twitter account, if for no other reason than you are annoying the intelligent people in the country.

Also, please stop using the words “fake news.” That penchant of yours is really grating at this point. I have lived 64 years and in all my life I have never known a president who has behaved in such a juvenile, no, infantile manner. Every time you open your mouth, a preschool temper tantrum is the result. Your own words are what damn you, Mr. President, not what others say about you.

Can you grow up? I hope so, for the country you claim to care so much about. If not, please resign, and take your billionaires club administration with you. We, the intelligent but poor working people of the United States, deserve better than a president that behaves like a spoiled twelve year old. So called judges? So called president. We deserve better than you are capable of, apparently. You entered this office because of Russian manipulation, gerrymandering, and an outdated electoral college, not because you had a mandate from us, the American People.


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