Fake news

Nice to see the Dumbald has taught his one trick pony move to Assad of Syria. Reports of my being a mass murderer? Fake News! Fake News! Bodies in the streets? They’re just napping! It was nappy time! Big part of Syrian culture! Fake News! Fake News!

Think of how this can improve your life.
Wife: Larry, you forgot to take out the garbage again.
Larry: That’s not garbage! I’m storing that stuff! Fake news! Fake news!
And again:
Wife: Larry, did you eat the last donut?
Larry: Donuts are bad for you! Why would I eat one? I have never eaten a donut in my entire life! Fake news! Fake news!

Live the fake news. Be one with the fake news. Fake news will set you free. Join our cult of the Fake News now.
Ps. It’s a fake cult. I have embraced my inner fake.


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