To Protesters of the Trump Administration

Please try with all your will to keep your protests nonviolent. Violence plays into the hands of the opposition. When masked protesters arrive at your demonstrations, ask them to unmask themselves, or leave. Give them no other options. Remember, you had the moral courage to protest in the open, so can they. If they won’t leave, you have only one real choice: turn them over to the authorities, no matter how distasteful this might seem. I say this because these people are either radicals on your side, and their intervention will not help your cause, or they are actually operatives from the other side, trying to demean your cause through their violent actions and subvert from within. Remember, Steve Bannon and his ilk have read Sun Tzu: this would be one of their methods.

Martin Luther King and his contemporaries changed the world as we know it through nonviolence, so can you. Peaceful protest is what distinguishes you from your adversaries, and their worship of hatred and violence as the solution to America’s problems, which exist mostly in their tormented world view. Radicals are the enemy of us all, no matter which side of things they say they align themselves with. The reason King was successful is because in so many ways he moderated his behavior and that of his associates. In order to achieve the change you seek, you must follow this path as well.


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