My fellow moderate progressives

Please remember that in 2018 we can de-fang the Donald, and his White Security Adviser (and pet fascist) Steve Bannon, by removing every Republican Congressperson and Senator possible in the midterm elections. Two years of chained dog stalemate would be better than the White Boy Supremacy fest that we have unfolding now. Then, in 2020, put an end to this Republican nonsense in both the legislative and executive branches by giving both temporarily to the Democrats until the Republicans can figure out how to represent all of us, not just angry white folks. I’m white, working, and poor, and I’m sick and tired of their brainless nonsense. We are all Americans, Republicans, try to remember that. This is 2017. I don’t want to return to the 1950s, because America sucked for women and minorities, and most of us have grown up past that now. It’s time you did as well.


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