Extreme vetting

On this issue I agree with Trump that we need it, just not in the way that he mentions. Leave immigrants alone, Donald, the Republican party should have extreme vetted you before they allowed you to become President. At least then I never would have heard a White House official utter the term “Alternate Facts.” Thanks for bringing conspiracy theory and gaslighting to the highest levels in Washington. Couldn’t you have gotten a job as a reporter for the Enquirer and done just as well?


Why am I not hearing any more on the investigations by the F.B.I. and C.I.A. into Russian gerrymandering of our presidential election? Have your heads of those organizations already shut them down before anything more telling could come out? Were you afraid of what they might find?


Yes, I’m one of the three million people who legally voted against you in this election. After all, you did say you didn’t care about winning the popular vote. Was it because you didn’t care about us? Or you knew we weren’t that susceptible to one note slogans and alternate facts?


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