I find myself truly annoyed

… at the reactions I see, on Facebook, and elsewhere, to the various women’s marches going on in the United States and elsewhere around the world. Many of the reactions attempt to reduce these protests to meaninglessness, because, the Trolls say, women are already equal, especially in pay for equivalent work. What I find truly annoying is that many of these comments come from women. Although I am a man, there are many more issues involved than equal pay for equal work, so I’ll go over some of them for the less informed among us, especially for those women who seem to lack understanding of these broader issues. I cannot claim any ownership of these ideas, as I have gleaned them in conversations with women.

First, to this very moment, in various parts of the world, and in some religious groups in the United States, women are treated as either property of men, or second class citizens, who must follow whatever the man they’re involved with thinks, or tells them to think. The wife must “cleave to her husband,” a phrase that even I, as a man, detest. I don’t want fembots in my life, and I’m glad that in my wife, daughter, ex-wife, sisters, and nieces, I don’t have any. It is a weak man indeed who wants women to be weaker.

This first issue of women as property, or inferior, leads to other issues, many of them life threatening. In the United States, there is an effort underway to defund Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides many critical services to women, especially to women who cannot otherwise afford them. I know that in America we’re not supposed to give a shit about the poor, but some of us bleeding hearts just can’t help it, because we foolishly believe that society, and a nation, are supposed to be about something greater than just making money, and our standards need to evolve from things we read in old books. I know that many opponents of Planned Parenthood center their lives around abortion as a reason to eliminate this organization, but there was an old saying in America, “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.”

In other parts of the world, women are routinely killed, or maimed, by their own families, ostensibly because they have shamed the families’ honor, as if any family who does such things possesses any concept of the word honor in the first place. If western culture is really a vision to be followed for the rest of the world, if we are truly the leaders that our civilization believes, then any retrograde step in the rights, or treatment of women dimishes us, and emboldens those who perform the kind of heinous acts I refered to earlier.

I hope, in my own feeble way, that I have been able to touch on some of the issues that the women who are protesting world-wide have in mind, and I, for one, applaud their strength of will, and character.



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