The Trump Government

And I use that term loosely, is shaping up to be a cluster&%#$. The only evidence I need is to see Rick Perry’s lament about his comment made during his presidential campaign, in which he stated that the department Trump is nominating him to lead is one of the departments that he would have abolished. Perry claims that he didn’t know, or understand, the important work that the Department of Energy does.

Is this administration a joke? Is the Donald just mocking us for voting against him? Would he pick candidates for a job within his corporate empire based on how little experience, or expertise, they had in the position he was considering them for. Apparently.

So much, Trumpers, for picking a guy because of his business acumen, this dope apparently doesn’t even have the skills to be a Human Resources Associate, much less leader of the free world, or, as you like to call him, MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE UNIVERSE.


Something occurred to me after I wrote this. This appointment is, in fact, purposeful, and that makes it even more contemptible. Of course, the Donald, climate change denier, and champion of fossil fuels, would appoint a man to head a department whose sole purpose will be to thwart what the department has been doing, and replace it with the Donald’s drill, drill, drill energy philosophy. He can’t eliminate the department, that would piss off too many people who have a conscience, so you place a department head in charge who will follow his Hoo Hah, ride the bomb down philosophy. Congratulations, Donald. You are so clever.

Just remember, Donnie, we can’t undo you for four years, but we can undo the Republican party in just one. Kind of remember that, Republicans. We do.


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