If it’s broke, fix it.

Dear Republican party. You keep claiming Obamacare is broken, so you want to repeal it, and replace it with something better. Yet, you’ve never been able to identify any plans you’ve made for its replacement, which means you haven’t even thought about your replacement plan until now, when it’s too late. Typical of you.

How about this, instead? In America we used to have a saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Let’s just reverse that into, “If it is broke, fix it!”

I know that you, as very, very, overpaid representatives of us mostly poor people can afford to replace your cars if something breaks, but most of us can’t, being poor like we is,  so how about helping us for once, rather than your rich contributors. Adopt this simple new old saying and FIX IT! Then, you can loudly tout your great accomplishment helping the American People, rather than claiming that you’re going to create jobs by enriching the rich even further, which we already know doesn’t work, but more on that later.


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