I was so fooled…

…for a moment when I first read of President Tweet’s tweet on the Republican effort to gut the independent ethics committee. I was so enthralled with the thought that the President Elect had embraced the moral high ground on ethics that I went to his twitter site to check out what he said, rather than accept what other people said about it. I’m glad I did, because The Donald also said that he knew how unfair independent ethical oversight is, to those being unethical, I suppose. Maybe we should send him a plaque for the wall of the oval office that reads, “The Swamp Starts Here.”

Congratulations, the Donald, for living down to my expectations of you. Then again, I do have a good idea why independent ethical oversight would be so abhorrent to you, given your lack of understanding when it comes to what ethics might mean in the first place. Maybe you could I.M. Putin about it. I’m certain he could give you guidance on this annoying and unimportant issue.


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