Why you should never act when you’re angry

I’m afraid that Trump’s core supporters are about to get a rude awakening when President Twitter and the party he stole come into power this January. His core voters were angry, and that was the motivation for the way they voted, but as with anyone who acts propelled by anger, they’ll often do something stupid and self-destructive, which is what they did here, because they failed to realize that the party they have empowered is the one whose agenda is least likely to benefit them. They thought they were voting for change, because The Donald was an insider turned outsider (according to him), but, as the old platitude noted, “the leopard can’t change his spots.” To use a Donald word, be very, very careful what you wish for my dears, you just might get it. Now you have it, Trumpers, hope you enjoy it, because the party you’ve empowered represents the interests of the richest two percent, not yours. Me? Like the rest of America, I’m just collateral damage, because you got pissed off, and let yourselves be manipulated by Foghorn Leghorn.



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