Governance by tweet.

What an interesting concept. If you’re a bird. As a presidential methodology? Not so much. Dear President Tweet, you need to learn to curb your tongue. Think, before you speak. It’s what we, the American People, expect of you. When you hear something that pisses you off, maybe take ten minutes off, if your personality is capable of that, and think, “how would a REAL PRESIDENT respond?” I think learning this technique will make your presidency less stressful on you, and the rest of the world, which has to suffer your bad tempers. Twitter is the province of Hollywood, and other self-promoters, not presidents. Decide now which you are, self-promoter, or president. If it’s self-promoter, do us all a favor and step down, if it’s president, learn to at least act like one. A real president knows that what he says has an influence around the world, and takes the responsibility of that fact seriously. So should you. Grow up. Thank you.


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