Ban Presidents from Twitter!

President Tweet, or should I say Twit, get off twitter. Everything a President says is heard by the rest of the world, so what a President says needs to have intelligence and poise behind it. I am questioning now whether you have either. You cannot govern a country by tweeting at 5:30am. Will you please learn that you cannot be a loudmouth jerk and a President at the same time? I have said this before and I’m now certain that I will say it many more times over the next four years. Grow up! You’re not a preteen mouthing off on twitter. You somehow, inexplicably, are President of the United States of America. Kindly, for the sake of the people you’re supposed to serve, learn how to actually be one. Write, if you need help, or advice.


The Fire and the Flood

A Biblical Interpretation of Global Warming

I’m not sure that anyone has noticed, but the Biblical forecasts of the Earth being destroyed through the fire and the flood are both coming true due to global warming, something right wing Christian Conservatives claim is not happening. In fact, the man-made fire that is consuming the Earth is causing the flood that is slowly devouring the coastal and riverbank areas where the vast majority of humans live, so you would think that Christian Conservatives would latch onto this connection as part of their ongoing hue and cry that humans must repent their evil ways in order to avoid God’s wrath.

They don’t, so the rest of us have to question why. Possibly, it has something to do with the fact that our evil ways make powerful people lots of money, and those powerful people wrap themselves in the righteous cloth of Christian Conservatism and an American flag whenever it’s convenient to them, and churches, much like everyone else in America, are quick to bow down before their biggest benefactors. Unfortunately, these days, Christianity and Capitalism go hand in hand, even though Christ said the opposite, so if you want to find the root cause of the Christian Right’s denial, you probably just have to, as a reporter once said, “Follow the money.”

We tend to ignore that a sometimes wise man once told us that God’s work on Earth is truly our own. We ignore him, because he was sleazy in his personal life, and that, according to the religious right, allows us to devalue everything a person says. The religious right uses this propaganda technique quite often to condemn anything that disagrees with their preconceived notions, even though it amounts to throwing the baby out with the bathwater, as the old saying goes.

Unfortunately, for Christian Conservatives, John F. Kennedy was correct, despite his disreputable sex life. And his basic principle that what humans do on earth matters works whether you believe in God, or not. God’s work, or our work, it matters not, because you don’t need God, a President, a church, or a house of congress to tell you that you have a responsibility for what you do in this world. And if you do need a God, President, church, or house of congress to tell you that you have some responsibility to your own grandchildren, then you are a sorry individual indeed, and there is no divine heaven waiting for you when you leave this life, especially if you claim to be a follower of a man named Jesus Christ. Remember, Christ said, “Go forth and sin no more,” not, “All right, you’re forgiven. I’ll be here when you do it again.”

This fire and flood is real, according to scientists, and the divine intervention needed to save our grandchildren’s future must come from us as J.F.K. pointed out. Denial isn’t going to work, and is only going to exacerbate the problem, so it’s time for everyone, Christian Conservatives included (after all, Muslim radicals have accepted it), to step up and fix this for our grandchildren. My father’s generation faced a worldwide crisis and made the sacrifice they had to for future generations. Now, it’s our turn, because God, and Nature, have some pretty tough rules, so selective hearing isn’t going to work. Open your ears, Christian Conservatives; God’s calling you out on this one.

The President Elect doesn’t need intelligence…

… especially if intelligence reports state things he doesn’t want to believe, or doesn’t want the American People to believe. Hitler’s generals had to wipe half the Soviet Army off the map before they briefed him, because Hitler wouldn’t believe them, so they held two briefings: one for themselves, so they could see the true situation, and one for der Fuehrer, so he could see what he wanted to see. Catching a pattern of behavior here? I am.

Governance by tweet.

What an interesting concept. If you’re a bird. As a presidential methodology? Not so much. Dear President Tweet, you need to learn to curb your tongue. Think, before you speak. It’s what we, the American People, expect of you. When you hear something that pisses you off, maybe take ten minutes off, if your personality is capable of that, and think, “how would a REAL PRESIDENT respond?” I think learning this technique will make your presidency less stressful on you, and the rest of the world, which has to suffer your bad tempers. Twitter is the province of Hollywood, and other self-promoters, not presidents. Decide now which you are, self-promoter, or president. If it’s self-promoter, do us all a favor and step down, if it’s president, learn to at least act like one. A real president knows that what he says has an influence around the world, and takes the responsibility of that fact seriously. So should you. Grow up. Thank you.

A quick note…

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of commentary about political views being introduced by Internet Trolls into every conversation, or story, you find on the net these days. More on Conservatives and Liberals later, and why both are retarded, but for now, I really wish the trolls would stop associating all human activity with someone’s politics. Having lived 64 years, I find assholes come in all flavors, it has nothing to do with being Liberal, or Conservative.