As the ballots still come in…

… it becomes obvious that the majority of Americans voted against Donald Trump, even if they didn’t vote third party. Once again, due to the archaic machinations of the Electoral College, the American People will have a president they didn’t want, and voted against, as happened with George Bush Jr.

Have you written to your Representative, and your U.S. Senators? I have. It’s easy to find them and write to them, now that we have email contact. Do it. Be loud.

You now have a Climate Change Denier as President with a Climate Change Denier Congress. If you don’t complain about this, your future, your children’s future, will be a disaster. The Pentagon, THE PENTAGON, formulates their strategy around Climate Change, even though they now have to hide the money they spend on preparing for it under the guise of maintenance, or the Remtard Party will try to defund appropriations they think are being spent on items they don’t believe in. Welcome to Idiocracy! Brought to you by the Remtard Party, formerly known as Republicans!


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