“Baby Christian?” Why not use this?

At last, I think have found a way for myself and others who didn’t vote for the Donald to bridge that gap between the principles of our core beliefs and his. I got my cue from fundamentalist Christians who found their own way to bridge the culture gap and accept a man who’s had multiple divorces, and is supported by white supremacists and a creepy, Russian dictator who suppresses Christians. They simply branded Trump a “baby Christian,” and with that tiny mouthful of words forgave him all his normally unforgivable transgressions, allowing him to be accepted into the Christian Conservative fold as their presidential candidate. Trump, a man familiar with the power of branding, was very happy to accept this new label and fold it into the ever expanding Trump brand, which now includes you and I, the “new and improved” United States of America.

All we have to do, we people of all the left out groups, and you know who you are, so I don’t have to do the laundry list of just about all American citizens, is brand Trump a “baby President.” By doing this we can tell ourselves that he is learning to be the President of all of us, just as Christian Conservatives are telling themselves that he’s learning to be a good Christian.

Of course, all those who know me well know that I don’t believe this load of bullshit any more than Christian Conservatives believe theirs.


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