All hail the new dark age

I have faith that the human species will be the first species in Earth’s history to cause its own extinction. And the reason we will do this is because human society has entered a new dark age, an age when reason and intellect, when observation, and proof based on that observation, is being replaced by “I just don’t believe it.”

Faith and belief systems are not our saviors, because the Universe takes no notice of our “beliefs, or our faith.” Faith based belief systems are the equivalent of waiting patiently for a bus that’s never going to come, because the bus system itself never existed.

As long as we place our religious fantasies as the primary means for dealing with our problems, we will happily ignore our real problem and continue to argue and bicker, sometimes to the point of violence, about all the irrelevant problems caused by our different perceptions of our relationship to a Universe that is, in reality, a vast interconnected living thing, of which we all, every thing, and not thing, are a part.

This makes us not the smartest species in Earth’s history, but the dumbest. All hail the new dark age.


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