You will bow down, America

Last night, thanks to something I saw posted from Stephen Colbert, one of my favorite comedians, I managed to catch a glimpse of the inner workings of the soon to be Trump White House. Stephen played a clip from Donald’s Black Outreach Coordinator, or whatever, reality TV star (is that something real?), Omarosa Manigault. In this clip, which, or course, Colbert mocked, Manigault informed us that all who opposed, doubted, or criticized the Donald will be made to bow down before him, “the most powerful man in the universe.” So much for Christian Conservatives calling him a “baby Christian.” He’s shot right past that to become, “THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE UNIVERSE.”

Wow. I think the leaders of some other countries might take exception to that, including Donald’s bromance, Vlad (I don’t wear no shirt) Putin. But, we’ll let the lovers figure that out.

The thing that appalled me the most about the clip from Manigault was the strange glint in her eye as she spoke about all this. Shades of Goebbels. She going to be, I think, the Minister of Revenge in the new government, if that’s what you can call this presidency.

I have heard voices saying lately that we all must give Trump a break as he becomes president and let him find his way as fuhr  a leader, but after seeing this, I think not. The voice I heard in this clip was the voice of someone who doesn’t believe at all in democracy, they believe in demagoguery. We will have to watch this man closely, just to protect our rights, and the rights of our fellow Americans, which he will try to trample, all in the name of bringing about unity. Remember the unity that many Republicans seem to believe in is you conforming to their beliefs, not sharing them.

You can find the clip here:

unless the ministry of contr communication has found it and taken it down.



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