Comey and Assange

In this election we saw Hillary Clinton’s lead evaporate in a matter of days in this campaign. In my opinion, this was directly caused by the political machinations of two men: James Comey, and Julian Assange. On the one hand, the American People can’t do anything about Julian Assange, whose lame excuse seems to center around his total lack of any information on Donald Trump, as if any but Trump supporters believe that, because Assange lives happily in the Equadorian Embassy in London after asking for and being granted asylum by Equador to protect him against extradition to Sweden where he is wanted for questioning about allegations of sexual assault and rape. So, Assange can manipulate an American election and then while away his days looking for that missing information on Trump, I suppose. Or play video games and hit on the embassy staff if he’s bored. The only thing we can do about Assange is encourage him to have the moral courage to return of his own accord to Sweden and answer the questions that Swedish athorities have for him, but that’s one of those hell freezing things that we all know and love.

James Comey, however, we can and should do something about. This man violated the policies of the organization he runs by sending two widely publicized letters to Congress just days before the election. The first letter was a vague insinuation of reopening an investigation of Hillary Clinton, and the second, probably intended to save his own ass and job, after the first had its effect, was a retraction of the first letter. This was an obvious (to anyone not blinded by political affiliation) attempt to influence an election for president. And it worked. Now, he needs to pay the price.

It is up to you and I to do something about James Comey. I intend to write to my Representative in the House, and my Senator, demanding his removal. If I intentionally violate the policies of the place where I work, I lose my job, so do you. James Comey should too.


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