Third Party Votes

Looking at the numbers from yesterday’s election, two things were readily apparent to me. First, once again, because of the electoral college vote, the true will of the American People has been ignored. I don’t know about you, but I am truly tired of being told that I am an uneducated, ignorant farmer from the eighteenth century, when the electoral college was written into the Constitution so the elite could make certain that the ignorant masses couldn’t actually choose a president that the elite didn’t like, such as one from the ignorant masses.

The second thing that became immediately obvious is that third party voting probably elected Donald Trump, even though the will of the majority of the populace was against Trump. So, we wound up with the president that we didn’t want, because of protest voting.

My suggestion to the American people is twofold: first, petition your government for an amendment to the Constitution that does away with the electoral college, and then punish them in the voting booth if they won’t, and second, start voting using your intellect rather than your ego.

I’ve voted third party myself and I know why I did it. It had more to do with me telling the world how smart I was, than it did with anything else. It is much better to vote strategically than to protest vote. Most of the people I spoke to who spoke of voting third party liked Trump less than Clinton, so by voting their egos, rather than strategically, they elected the person they didn’t want.

Finally America, elect a person because of what they say, rather than what is said about them. In today’s world of the Disinformation Super Highway, that will lessen the power of the propagandists from both sides of the aisle, and you’ll stop thinking that your choosing between Satan and Jesus. Or, between two criminals. Force your candidates to talk about issues, rather than each other, and you’ll have a better election result, because you won’t let the Christian Right dominate the national discourse.


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